Expert services

Expert dog services

Mike provides a number of different expert services to meet your needs including;

  • Identification of dogs prohibited under section 1 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
  • Behavioural examinations for both Section 1 & Section 3 Dogs
  • S.3 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, ‘Dog dangerously out of control’, a forensic investigation of the incident that has caused an injury can be undertaken followed by a behavioural assessment and home visit.
  • Forensic canine investigations, a full incident investigation can be undertaken and reports for litigation completed.
  • Assessments for social services in connection with fostering, adoption, and child minding.
  • Expert assessment on the appropriate use of police dogs, tracking evidence, and property location.
  • Visits and advice in conjunction with housing association officers to properties where dog issues exist.


Can the Police put my dog to sleep?

The police cannot put your dog to sleep unless you sign a disclaimer. Please do not sign anything without seeking advice. 

what if i am asked to sign something?

Do not sign anything without seeking expert legal advice. Please call and we can advise you. 

Can the police seize my dog on the street as a suspected banned breed?

The police do not need a warrant if they believe your dog is a banned breed and it is in a public place. 

how long is it all going to take?

There is no easy answer to this question and it depends on what action the authorities are taking. Please be aware that court cases can take some time

what if the police come to my house with a warrant?

IIf the police have a warrant, they can legally remove your dog from your home. If they do not have a warrant ask what power they are using to enter your home. In most cases there is no power.  Video the conversation on your mobile phone

Can you help with cases of aggression?

There are many reasons dogs can bite, not just aggression, other reasons include fear, pain and frustration. A bite doesn’t always result in a dog being put to sleep. A professional assessment can greatly help you.