Dog bites

Dog bites, banned breeds & the law.


Have you been involved in an incident where your dog has:

  • Bitten somebody?
  • Injured them in another way?
  • Put somebody in fear?
  • Are you the victim of an incident involving a dog?


  • Are you concerned your dog is a Pit Bull Terrier?
  • Has your dog been seized by the police?
  • Are you worried your dog will be seized?
  • Do you think you are the owner of another banned breed?

Just because your dog is found to be a Pit Bull Terrier or other banned breed does not mean that you cannot continue to own it. By going through a court exemption process you can legally continue to own your dog.


Today’s dog law is complex and isn’t just one piece of legislation. The dangerous dogs act covers:

Section 1 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 makes it illegal to own four types of dog:

  • The Pit Bull Terrier
  • The Dogs Argentino
  • The Japanese Tosa
  • The Fila Brasiliero

If the police suspect your dog is one of the above then it is likely to be seized. If this happens, please don’t sign anything, and call us as soon as possible.

Section 3 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 makes it an offence if:

  • Your dog puts somebody in fear
  • Your dog injures any person, in any place, at anytime.

If your dog has bitten somebody, especially a child then it is highly likely the police will seize the dog. If this happens or you are told your dog is going to be seized, again, please don’t sign anything, and call us as soon as possible.


Can the police put my dog to sleep?

The police cannot put your dog to sleep unless you sign a disclaimer. Please do not sign anything without seeking advice. 

Do I have to sign my dog over?

Do not sign anything without seeking expert legal advice. Please call and we can advise you. 

Do the police need a warrant to seize my dog?

The police do not need a warrant if they believe your dog is a banned breed and it is in a public place. 

My dog looks like a banned breed, what can I do?

Call us, you can have your dog assessed to see if they are a banned breed. If they are, you can apply to the courts to keep them. 

Can the police take my dog from my home?

If the police have a warrant, they can legally remove your dog from your home. If they do not have a warrant ask what power they are using to enter your home. In most cases there is no power.  Video the conversation on your mobile phone.

My dog has bitten. Will they be put to sleep?

There are many reasons dogs can bite, not just aggression, other reasons include fear, pain and frustration. A bite doesn’t always result in a dog being put to sleep. A professional assessment can greatly help in avoiding this. 

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