Dog behaviour

Mike's approach to dog behaviour problems is science based. He only uses positive, reward-based dog training techniques

Expert witness

As a court expert witness, Mike assesses dogs involved in Dangerous Dogs Act cases for both behaviour and 'type'

Dog laws

If your dog has been involved in an bite incident or has been 'typed' as a banned breed Mike can provide immediate help and support.

dog facts!

did you know …

million dogs in the UK
dogs survived the Titanic sinking
Dogs enter UK rescues per year

Meet our team

Mike Barnett

Mike works as an independent consultant, behaviourist and trainer for all dog related issues. 

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Megan is the boss, and chief enrichment tester for any new products recommended for behaviour modification. 


Chief accountant and timekeeper – counts every treat and knows when she should get them.

Customers reviews

What people say?

I cannot thank Mike enough for all the help he has done for us in getting Max and Oreo back if you are in the similar situation to us I would not hesitate 150% in calling Mike.
Chris Wood
Mike has been training our volunteer dog walkers and working with some of the challenging behaviours that some rescue dogs come in with. So glad he is on board with our rescue. Highly recommend.
Anita Twigger
Pawprints Dog Rescue

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