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About Mike Barnett

Mike works as an independent consultant, behaviourist and trainer for all dog related issues. He has a specialist interest in dangerous dogs and those dogs prohibited under S.1 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, being recognised in the courts as an expert witness in this field.

Mike is the holder of a Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour and  a Level 5  Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Training. He is a Professional member of the Dog Welfare Alliance and a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

Mike served as a police officer for over thirty years, with the second half of his career being spent as a member of the dog section. He has trained and worked different breeds of dogs both in the normal police dog role and in a specialist search capacity.

Mike has served as a full time Dog Legislation Officer on a joint force dangerous dogs team and prior to his retirement had been involved in hundreds of dangerous dog and prohibited breed cases. He has examined Pit Bull Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, and the Japanese Tosa.

As part of the court process, where dogs have caused injury to people the court wishes to know the reasons behind the behaviour. Mike is able to provide a forensic examination of all the issues involved, the history of the dog, scene location, events leading up to the injury, and then assist the courts in their decision making concerning whether a dog would be considered a danger to public safety. Where it is possible, Mike can suggest physical management conditions and behaviour modification plans to the court as alternatives to destruction.

Mike has worked with local authorities as well as local and national charities in their efforts to promote animal welfare, responsible dog ownership, and deal with the many dog related issues of today.

Mike has given interviews to national radio organisations and been quoted in numerous media outlets on matters relating to dangerous dogs.

Mike Barnett
"My rescue dog was showing all sorts of unwanted behaviour; I honestly thought I was going to have to return her. With Mike's expertise and guidance, we're making tremendous progress."
Michelle Hughes


Can the police put my dog to sleep

The police cannot put your dog to sleep unless you sign a disclaimer. Please do not sign anything without seeking advice. 

Do I have to sign my dog over?

No, you do not have to sign your dog over to the Police. In certain circumstances the Police have the power to seize your dog. If they want your dog they should lawfully seize it.

Do the police need a warrant to seize my dog?

In certain circumstances, yes, the Police do require a warrant to seize your dog.  Each case is governed by its own set of circumstances. Contact us for advice.

My dog looks like a banned breed, what can I do?

Call us, you can have your dog assessed to see if they are a banned breed. If your dog is a banned breed, we can tell you what you need to do next. 

Can the police take my dog from my home?

If the police have a warrant, they can legally remove your dog from your home. 

My dog has bitten. Will they be put to sleep?

There are many reasons dogs may bite, not just aggression. Other reasons include fear, pain and frustration. A bite incident doesn’t always result in a dog being put to sleep. A professional assessment can greatly help in avoiding this. Always seek advice as soon as possible after any incident.